Announced Date:  2019-09-03
Last Deadline:  2019-09-15

Organization: Ministry of Public Health
City: Kabul
Job Location: Kabul
Job Category: Health Care
Vacancy No: Pathologist NCCP/55
Employeement: FullTime
No of Job(s): 1
Experience: 2 year
Education: Bachelor
Contract Duration:
Salary Scale:
Nationality: Afghan
Gender: Male/Female
Deadline: 2019-09-15

About Ministry of Public Health

The Afghanistan health system has made considerable progress backed by the strong evidence of improved health indicators over the years. The key enablers for the improvements in the health system include strong local stewardship, development of sound and stable policy frameworks, continuous prioritization of investments in BPHS and EPHS. The BPHS and EPHS have been implemented through the Service Providers (SPs) in 31 provinces and the Strengthening Mechanism of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in remaining 3 provinces. As the Sehatmandi project fund centers around the BPHS and EPHS implementation, it attempts to bring in a new approach of performance management for more transparent and systematic management of the SPs. To optimize the performance management system, the MoPH has developed the Performance Management Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and establishes a new office titled the Performance Management Office (PMO).

Job Description

Examine tissue under microscope to detect characteristics of cell structure indicative of disease and writes diagnostic reports.
Devise and direct use of special stains and methods for isolating, identifying, and studying function, morphology, and pathology of obscure or difficult-to-identify cells and tissues.
Take part in research to develop techniques for diagnosing and identifying pathological conditions.
Contribute to the selection of equipment and selection of technical methods.
Make effective and efficient use of facilities to which he/she has access.
Have responsibility for continuing care of patients in his/her charge and undertake associated administrative duties.
Verify all results for the tests performed in the clinical laboratory.
Ensure timely reporting of all test results performed at the clinical laboratory.
Implement safety regulations within the premises of the clinical laboratory.
Advise on methods of collection of specimens for specialized laboratory tests.
Advise on choice of different culture media for growth and identification of various pathogens.
Report interpretation and handling of patient/physician complaints.
Train all technicians, technologists and residents to perform tests in all sections of the clinical laboratory. Conduct training sessions on regular basis for the laboratory staff.
Participate in learning sessions/CME activities.
Liaise with referring physicians and coordination with marketing team.
Liaise with other laboratories in region to achieve service benefits.
Keep records, prepare and update written reports and procedure manuals.
Ensure the smooth functioning of all the equipment & availability of materials used in the laboratory.
Contribute to the selection of equipment and selection of technical methods.
Examine tissue under microscope to detect characteristics of cell structure indicative of disease and writes diagnostic reports.


Job Requirement

Should be a medical doctor (MD/MBBS)
Specialization In Pathology
At least two years of work experience after attaining those qualifications

Submission Guideline

Submission Guide line: (I) Electronic applications will be sent to: sub e-mail which corresponds if any of following 2 items is missing, your application will be considered as ineligible/incomplete.


1. In your emails please specify the title of the position as well as vacancy number for electronic submissions and please do the same in the hardcopy submissions.

2. Updated Curriculum vitae (CV)/Resume (Please attached your recent photo and mention in your CV exact date/periods of your work experience, graduation Day, Month, and Year).


If you are shortlisted and invited for written test/interview you will be required to present the original, the following:


A. Education Documents: Your recent education degree/diploma

 Copy of verified Baccalaureate (12 passed) degree by Ministry of Education

 Copy of verified 14 or 15 passed degree by related Ministries

 Copy of verified Bachelor Degree by Ministry of Higher Education

 Copy of verified Medical Doctor Degree by Ministry of Higher Education

 Copy of verified Master degree by Ministry of Higher Education

B. Copy of National Identity Card (Tazkira: Only the pages that show picture and Tazkira number, pages, place of issue and date of issue)




Electronic applications will be sent to: sub e-mail


Hard copies will be sent to: HR Container, Second floor, at the Ministry of Public Health, Great Masoud Square Kabul Afghanistan.


The Contact Person at Human Resources is: Mr. Mojib Rahimi, HR Officer, MoPH-GD HR. Phone number: 0093- (0)-700991056




Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to written test/interview and subsequent process. Please contact the person in charge (Mr. Mojib Rahimi ) for confirmation.


No CVs will be accepted after the closing date.


Any persuade will be threat as disqualification.


Candidate who applies for the same position in last six months and was unsuccessful (Obtained less than 60% marks), will not be short listed.


Fraudulent documents and or fraudulent claims in CVs and or documents will result in disqualification at any stage of the recruitment process.

The test and interview will be taken from the following references.

Bailey & love’s Short practice of surgery 24th edition

Submission Email

Main point of TOR:

Submission E-mail