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Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA) established in 1992, the mission of DHSA is to redefine development in Afghanistan by promoting a dynamic and capable civil society as a means to foster local ownership of development, dignity and a peaceful & sustainable future for all Afghans. Throughout the 1990s, DHSA focused primarily on drawing strength from local knowledge and traditional relationships to fill gaps, caused by a weak national government and absence of public services. During this time, DHSA focused on activities such as water sanitation and irrigation, education, food assistance to drought-affected populations, and rural rehabilitation, matching local know-how with the financial and political support from international aid agencies and donors such as EC, USAID, WFP, WHO, the UN, Canada fund/Care International and Novib.
The political changes brought by the Bonn Agreement in 2001 allowed DHSA to add the development of civil society in Afghanistan – through its media, education and various community development projects – to its portfolio, in addition to humanitarian assistance.
To achieve its mission, DHSA presently operates five activities:
Humanitarian Activities
Public Media and Communication (TKG),
Cultural Heritage
Environmental Protection

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