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Within the regional framework of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees (SSAR), UNHCR continues to facilitate a protection and solutions dialogue through Tripartite and Quadripartite platforms. During the 30th Tripartite meeting held in Islamabad on 18 June 2019, a further commitment was made by the Governments of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Pakistan to ensure that repatriation takes place gradually, voluntarily, in conditions of safety and dignity. The Government of Afghanistan committed renewed efforts towards sustainable reintegration and development. To support these commitments, the Government has formally endorsed the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) and the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) in 2018, which supports multi-stakeholders in its efforts to address the root causes and drivers of displacement in countries of origin by:

Whole of society approach to foster stronger partnerships between government’s line Ministries, UN agencies, development actors, the private sector, NGOs, financial institutions and civil society
 Enhancing refugee returnees and IDPs reintegration and self-reliance

Supporting conditions in places of origin for return in safety and dignity

The position is under direct supervision and guidance of the Senior Operations Manager in Kabul on issues concerning programme, protection, external relations, etc. Advice and operational support may also be received from other senior staff and support units at the Country Office.

The incumbent represents UNHCR at the field level on subject matters of importance to UNHCR’s programmes with the local authorities and other agencies in the field.

While the functional responsibility of a Head of Field Unit will remain the same despite its grade level, the other parameters (therefore the depth and breadth of the competencies) such as the size of the population of concern to UNHCR, their specific legal/security concerns, volume of assistance, number of operational / Implementing partners and the size of the Office (i.e. number of UNHCR staff and their grade levels) will determine the appropriate grade level. The operational autonomy also depends upon the same parameters/competencies. The Field Unit managed by the incumbent has no other professional position and less than 6 General Service positions. The supervisor exercises substantive oversight and provides regular guidance, direction and support to the incumbent.

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