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Established in August 2002, the Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan (WADAN) is an indigenous NGO that envisions a peaceful, educated, drug free, democratic, developed and prosperous Afghanistan. Our mission is to advance the spread of democratic principles, development, social justice, human rights, and freedom; and to strengthen communities and local governance by promoting effective community and institutional development practices and drug control initiatives. For details please visit our website www.wadan.org.

The Community Development is one of WADAN’s largest efforts. The TUP Program provides beneficiaries with a package of inputs over a two years’ period, including the transfer of productive assets, training, subsistence support, and basic health care. The aim of the program is to graduate ultra poor households  out  of  safety  net  programs  to  income  earning  activities  as  well  as linking  them  with  microfinance  programs.  As a result, income within the household groups is expected to increase in addition to overall wellbeing such as health.  The  impact  of  this  investment  has  been  estimated  with  a  range  of scenarios.

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کارشناس تسوید قانون حمایت از خانواده Kabul 2020-06-04
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